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Green partnership sends excess heat to Sorø District Heating

Green partnership sends excess heat to Sorø District Heating

Sorø District Heating has just entered a partnership with Hørkram Foodservice where the company's excess heat will be channelled into the local district heating network and to consumers in Sorø.

The neighbours 

Sorø District Heating and Hørkram Foodservice have just agreed that the excess heat from Hørkram’s logistics centre will in future be sent to Sorø Bioenergy, where a large part of the district heating for Sorø’s residents is produced.

Ole J. Andersen, Energy
Manager at Sorø District Heating, is delighted that the co-operation has now been successfully established. In the future, this means that as much as 20% of Sorø Bioenergi’s production can be made up of excess heat from Hørkram:

“Throughout the entire process, we have had a good and constructive co-operation. A partnership like this makes a lot of sense, and it really is a win-win situation! Hørkram wanted to utilise their energy more efficiently, and this type of energy for district heating is the absolute best from an environmental point of view”, says the Energy Manager and adds:

“The energy has been created, the environmental impact has been made, and now it is being utilised as efficiently as possible”.

Proud partners

For some time, Hørkram has been looking for a buyer for the excess heat from their logistics centre in Sorø, which was expanded in 2018. At that time, among other things, a new and modern cooling centre was built, but despite the modern facilities, a lot of waste
heat is still emitted.

And since they have worked very purposefully to achieve an energy-neutral operation of the 62,000 square metres refrigerated and frozen warehouse in Sorø, there is no mistaking the enthusiasm for the project.

“We are very pleased and proud that we have succeeded in realising this ambitious project. In 2018-2020, our annual consumption of natural gas was more than 2,600,000 kWh. With our heat recovery project, where the excess heat will be utilised in the future to cover our heating needs, we are saving the environment from the impact of this consumption, says Centre Director at Hørkram’s Sorø branch, Claus Bredvig.

The pipework and technical facilities are expected to be ready in early 2024, after which the excess heat will end up in Sorø’s district heating pipes.



Hørkram Foodservice A/S is a nationwide total supplier to the foodservice market and is one of the three largest catering wholesalers in Denmark. We have more than 50 years of experience as a wholesale supplier to the foodservice market and have a very
versatile range with more than 32,000 unique item numbers.

Our range includes dairy products, groceries, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, beverages, wine and spirits, tobacco, cakes and desserts, non-food and organic products.


Sorø District Heating

AffaldPlus owns Sorø Fjernvarme, which today supplies heat to approx. 1,600 customers in Sorø. Towards 2027, we are expanding the district heating network in the town, thereby doubling the number of customers.


Source: Original article published by the Danish District Heating Association https://danskfjernvarme.dk/aktuelt/nyheder/2023/groent-partnerskab-sender-overskudsvarme-til-soroe?link_id=2968f9b9-9414-422e-ba4c-db0b34b0c75f

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