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Energy Consultancy

The Net Zero Process

The social and financial implications of energy has made managing an organisation’s energy and carbon footprint a senior management challenge.

The energy challenge that we are now facing in the UK is one that the Danes have been grappling with for decades.

Indeed, Denmark’s 2045 Net Zero plan concludes that aside from minimising the energy performance gap, buildings need to reduce their energy consumption by 37% to cost effectively allow for the decarbonisation of sectors such as transport and industry.


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Closing the Performance Gap

Energy Monitoring of Battersea Power Station

Energy - you can't manage what you can't measure

EnergiRaven’s Energi Managers are experts in HVAC, building services, and renewable technologies. Using  the myEnergiRaven software platform, they can assist with a targeted approach of identifying energy waste as well as providing actionable solutions for improving building energy efficiency and increased energy savings.


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