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The Danish Connection

Until recently, the UK has had access to an abundant and cheap supply of fossil fuels. However, Denmark has been on the journey of reducing the cost of energy since the global oil crisis of the 1970s. This has been driven forward by high carbon taxes and a national desire for reliable, low carbon energy supplies.

EnergiRaven was established in the UK by SAV Systems. As a company of Danish heritage, we have instinctively looked towards the experiences of Denmark and its Scandinavian neighbours to introduce low carbon renewable technology solutions to the UK.

Since 1988, SAV Systems has been supplying best practice technology solutions from leading technology partners to the building services industry. SAV’s mission statement is to “achieve optimum indoor living, with minimum energy wastage.” 

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The Raven

In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of wisdom (as well as poetry, death, divination, and magic). In his quest for wisdom, it is said that he sacrificed one eye in exchange for enlightenment. To aid Odin in his pursuit he was accompanied by two ravens. They were Huginn: the raven of thought and wisdom, and Muninn: the raven of knowledge and memory. Every day, Odin would send Huginn and Muninn to fly all over the world, returning with information about his expansive kingdom.

Like Huginn and Muninn, myEnergiRaven makes meaning out of building data by taking knowledge and memory in the form of data, and applying thought and wisdom, in the form of building services knowledge. myEnergiRaven compares the actual energy consumption with budgeted consumption of a whole building portfolio. A Raven’s Eye View into a building portfolio is a prerequisite for guiding the Net Zero Voyage.


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