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Avoid Power cuts with CHP plants

When there is no wind and the sun is not shining, electricity becomes so expensive that we risk power cuts. Here are five suggestions to address the problem, writes Head of Development at the Danish District Heating Association Kim Behnke and 11 co-authors in this opinion piece, which was published on 23 November 2022 in Altinget.


Energy Education: key to cost-effective Net Zero

Putting a bandage on a broken arm, that is very much how the Energy Bills Support, and the Energy Bills Relief schemes feel like. Although these schemes are very much welcome in tackling the rise in energy costs, it does raise concerns whether this is too short-sighted and will hurt in the long run. Perhaps encouraging energy conscious behaviour and promoting good energy habits is also required?

Residential Street

CHP powered by renewable gas – Integral to Net Zero

In Denmark, renewables are widely referred to as the “champagne of energy”. Because we can’t always rely on the sun to shine or the wind to blow, renewable energy will always be scarce and therefore a costly resource that should be used sparingly and intelligently. Hence, satisfying our future energy requirements from renewables will always require a guaranteed supply of energy.


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